3M Citrus Based Cleaner 24 oz Aerosol



3M Citrus Base Industrial Cleaner Clear is a cleaner and degreaser that can be used to help dissolve dirt, grease, tar and many non-curing type adhesives. 24 oz Aerosol.

3M Citrus Based Cleaner 24 oz Aerosol

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Número da Peça CITRUS IND
Fabricante Número da Peça 62461549305
Composição Química Citrus oil
Cor Clear
Componentes 1 part
Ponto de Fulgor -45.5 °C
Peso Específico 0.784
Aerosol cleaner which can dissolve and flush away dirt, grease, tar, most non-curing type adhesive films, and other similar substances. A citrus oil based cleaner that emulsifies when flushed with water.