Dow Corning 3-4133 Dielectric Gel Clear 210 mL Kit



Dow Corning 3-4133 Dielectric Gel Clear is a two component, low viscosity, silicone gel that is used for potting, sealing, encapsulating, and protecting a variety of materials in the electronics industry. It offers a fast heat cure, flexibility, long working times, and stress relief. 1:1 mix ratio. 210 mL Kit.

Dow Corning 3-4133 Dielectric Gel Clear 210 mL Kit

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Número da Peça 3-4133 SILICONE GEL 210ML
Fabricante Número da Peça 4033743
Cor Clear
Componentes 2 part
Resistência Dielétrica 19 kV/mm
Ponto de Fulgor >150 °C
Tempo de Cura Total 1.6min @ 150 °C; 2min @ 125 °C; 4min @ 100 °C
Proporção de Mistura 1:1
Peso Específico 0.97
Viscosidade CP 425
Resistividade de Volume 4.7e + 15 ohm-cm
Tempo de Trabalho 360min
Gels have been used to isolate circuits from the harmful effects of moisture and other contaminants and provide electrical insulation for high voltages. Another use is providing stress relief to protect circuits.