Ellsworth Adhesives Introduces the Ellsworth Packaging Advantage




 All new packaging!


GERMANTOWN, WI - September, 2011 - Ellsworth Adhesives is proud to announce their newest business development, the Ellsworth Packaging Advantage. Ellsworth has created a new protective packaging system that is now standard for all containers prone to damage during normal shipping and handling. With no additional cost to Ellsworth customers, this new program is reflective of the company's dedication to continuous improvement and unbeatable customer service.


Specialty chemicals packaged in common metal and plastic containers can be harmed during and after delivery to customers. Leakage caused by damaged packaging can lead to safety issues and hazardous waste disposal. Other problems that impact customer costs may arise, including lost time due to unusable inventory and expensive product returns. Ellsworth Adhesives' new protective packaging significantly reduces harm to containers and the secondary costs associated with this damage.


The Ellsworth Packaging Advantage is now standard for all applicable chemical systems at no extra charge to Ellsworth customers. The system offers several quality-enhancing benefits, including lower scrap and disposal costs and enhanced worker safety, ensuring that the shipped chemical products remain inside the container, not on it.


Key features of the innovative new packaging include premium corrugated cardboard boxes, custom-fitted PK foam inserts that insulate containers inside the box, and recyclable paper padding. The Ellsworth Packaging Advantage guarantees predictable and dependable product quality to all of Ellsworth Adhesives' valued customers.


Details about the new and improved protective packaging, along with photos and other resources can be found on the Ellsworth website. Please visit