Ellsworth Adhesives Expands Dispensing Product Line Offering




GERMANTOWN, WI – November, 2010 – Ellsworth Adhesives announced today it has expanded its dispensing equipment and supplies product line. Ellsworth is a global distributor of adhesive and sealant dispensing solutions from major suppliers including Fisnar, Techcon, Sealant Equipment, 3M, Loctite, Cox, Bostik, Sulzer MixPac, Semco and many others.


With the addition of several hundred new products from Fisnar, Sulzer MixPac, Semco, Techcon and other suppliers, Ellsworth Adhesives now offers nearly 1000 dispensing products for sale online through its US site and a growing number of products on its Canada and UK sites. The updated web sites allow visitors an easy, convenient and functional way to search ten new product category pages and 30+ new product subcategories.


"Ellsworth is excited to expand its dispensing product line. The product expansion allows us to better serve new and existing customers in a variety of industrial and Electronics markets," stated Mike McCourt, Global President of Ellsworth Adhesives - Specialty Chemical Distribution.


"The restructured sites feature enhanced visual navigation providing an optimal user experience for our customers," commented Jeff Payne, Chief Marketing Officer of Ellsworth Adhesives.