Cytec CONATHANE EN-14 Polyurethane Encapsulant 1 gal Kit



Cytec CONATHANE EN-14 Polyurethane Elastomer System is a two component, unfilled polyurethane that is used for encapsulation and potting of electrical and heat sensitive assemblies. It offers flexibility, low viscosity, fast curing, fast gelling, and resistance to water and thermal shock. It can be applied by spraying, brushing or casting methods. 1 gal Kit.

Cytec CONATHANE EN-14 Polyurethane Encapsulant 1 gal Kit

Número da Peça EN-14 GAL KIT
Cor Amber
Componentes 2 part
Resistência Dielétrica >500 V/mil
Alongamento 110%
Tempo de Cura Total 3 to 4d @ 25 °C; 3h @ 60 °C
Dureza 65 A
Proporção de Mistura 1:1 by volume; 100:90 by weight
Peso Específico 1.04 @ 25 °C
Resistência à Tração 700 psi
Viscosidade CP Mixed: 1,200
Resistividade de Volume 3 x 10^13 ohm-cm @ 25 °C
Tempo de Trabalho 15min
CONATHANE EN-14 is particularly recommended for potting and encapsulating strain and heat sensitive devices in modules, connectors, and units required to operate in the temperature range of -65 to 130 °C.